is to get kids to write more.

I built this app to encourage kids to write more, even to start enjoying writing. This app is not about enforcing grammar rules or proper sentence structures. This app simply tries to make writing easy and fun, eventually shaping this into a habit for the kids.

Who's this for?

This is for kids. It's a pretty basic diary app, focusing on getting kids to write. There are no images, no status updates, no adding comments, no sharing with friends, etc. It's writing screen is free of all distractions, so kids can get back to the basics of writing. Help them get in the habit of writing.

What is this?

It's a simple diary app. There's only one task here in the app and that's to get the kids to spend 10 minutes to write their thoughts for the day. There are also goals and badges to help kids form a habit of writing. We'll show the progress for each day and hopefully encourage kids to write more along the way. But there's no AI here analyzing what they write.

This is the home page which shows a rundown of each day's writing. It also shows some interesting stats for the kid's writing. There's a badge section to encourage kids to write.

This shows some fun stats about all the writings done over the days and month. I'm planning to add more interesting stats to make it fun for kids.

Who's building this?

My name is Jack. I got inspired by 750words and my kids. I got three kids and I'm always trying to find ways to get them to read and write. So, I started tinkering with this after I couldn't find a simple journaling app without emojis plastering the whole page and some social network sharing.

How much is this?

Everyone who signs up now can use it free forever. Thanks for trying and helping me to improve it. I'll probably charge it for it after a first couple hundred people. But again, for those who signed up before then, it'll be free forever.

Built for kids, 100% fun and private from Milpitas, CA